CloudSigma rolls out carbon neutral cloud servers

Zürich, Tuesday 29 June 2010 CloudSigma AG has now fully implemented carbon offsetting in relation to its global operations. All customers of CloudSigma now benefit from efficient, low impact cloud computing backed up by carbon offsetting. CloudSigma’s carbon neutral cloud services are the first of their kind in the industry. The comprehensive evaluation was conducted […]

The Case for Charging for IP Addresses

There are three key facts in my mind when it comes to the problem with IP addresses: Fact 1: The world is running out of IP addresses; well the kind that we all use today anyway (version 4). Usage is accelerating and outstripping all previous estimates. We will run out in 2012 at the latest. […]

Carbon Offsetting

CloudSigma is a fully carbon neutral company having chosen to work with MyClimate to assess then offset the total greenhouse gas emissions as a result of the company’s operations. This includes not only the purchase of hardware and electricity to run this hardware but also employee journeys, business travel, office space, office consumables (such as […]

Welcome to our Blog

CloudSigma is a new Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider based in Zurich, Switzerland. I co-founded the company because I wasn’t happy with the offerings in this space. Fundamentally I see being an IaaS provider as that of a utility company. It isn’t our job as a provider of infrastructure to interfere with how our customers set up […]

Flexible Secure IaaS Service: Public Beta Launched

14-day Free Evaluations available. Zürich, Friday 4 June 2010 – CloudSigma AG launches the CloudSigma IaaS platform for public beta this week. The CloudSigma platform allows instant access to highly flexible on-demand computing resources without the restrictions that many IaaS products currently impose. Create, resize and start virtual servers instantly from an innovative and intuitive […]