Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting with CloudSigma

Dedicated server hosting is characterised by full control of the server by the customer without limitations on software, networking etc. CloudSigma offers the cloud equivalent of dedicated server hosting in the form of its unique cloud servers that don’t share software resources.

Dedicated server hosting racks
Discover high performance cloud servers and leave traditional dedicated server hosting (and Virtual Private Server hosting) in the past. Keep dedicated hosting level performance, security and control but benefit from the extra scalability, flexibility and transparency that cloud servers are able to offer.

With our unique technological hosting platform you will keep the advantages of dedicated server hosting and combine them with the advantages of cloud server hosting.

Dedicated Server Hosting vs. Cloud Server Hosting

No long-term Contracts

With CloudSigma, unlike traditional hosting solutions, you aren’t locked into long-term contracts. You can pay on demand in short five minute billing periods based on your usage or subscribe for specific capacity.

Vary the Size of Your Server

With a dedicated server you have just one capacity and can’t vary it very quickly or easily. With a cloud server you can change the size instantly; increasing and decreasing your server’s size based on your usage.

High Availability as Standard
All our cloud servers are hosted on highly redundant and resilient infrastructure. Whatever the size of your server with CloudSigma, you’ll be benefiting from dual power, multiple gigabit networking and large burstable outside IP connectivity. Such infrastructure is not economic when used for dedicated server hosting.

Complete Cost Transparency
At CloudSigma all our prices include the full cost of hosting including all maintenance and depreciation. Whatever infrastructure issues might arise over time, unlike with dedicated hosting, it is solely the responsibility of CloudSigma to maintain the availability of your server.

100% Service Level Agreement with High Compensation
Have peace of mind with a 100% Service Level Agreement (SLA) that includes a x50 compensation rate for any qualifying downtime. Unlike with dedicated server hosting, its CloudSigma’s responsibility to maintain infrastructure and ensure availability. Maintaining infrastructure is what we do and part of our core business letting you concentrate on your core business and serving your customers better.

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