CPanel Reseller Cloud Hosting

Resell Cloud Hosting with a CPanel cloud server

Build your web hosting platform on our cloud infrastructure. Use CPanel with our cloud servers to resell cost effective web hosting with all the benefits of cloud computing. With our cloud servers you can instantly scale in response to new customers. Benefit from an ideal location, competitive pricing and excellent support.

Discover high performance cloud servers and leave traditional web hosting behind. Build your reseller platform on a truly scalable, high availability platform and react to demand over time. We use the Linux KVM technology to enable our customers to run their own isolated cloud servers. This provides a completely free choice of operating systems and software to run on top of it. Experience, higher performance, deeper configurability, stronger isolation and better security guarantees with our cloud servers.

CPanel on Cloud Servers

With CloudSigma you have full root/administrator control of your cloud server and can run any operating system you like. Deploy your CPanel installation on Linux cloud servers or Windows cloud servers. With completely unbundled resources, you can choose the size of your servers and modify their sizes easily over time. We also offer Plesk reseller hosting Discover why cloud computing is revolutionising the hosting reseller market. Move to a cloud service that puts you in control of your servers and your application’s performance.

Try our cloud servers for free now!

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