Cloud Utilisation Management is Key to Performance

One of the greatest challenges in running an Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud is how to deliver performance at a cost effective rate. The key metric behind this is the utilisation rate of hardware used in the cloud; too high and performance suffers, too low and prices inevitably rise. How can a cloud provider deliver performance and value […]

Web VNC App launches in the Chrome Webstore

Web VNC App launches in the Chrome Webstore Zürich, Wednesday 8 December 2010 CloudSigma AG, a leading European provider of cloud servers, is pleased to announce the launch of the Web VNC application featured in Google’s newly launched Chrome Webstore. By offering a full VNC session from within the browser, the Web VNC app removes […]

Security in a Public IaaS Cloud Part 3: Data Storage

So far we’ve looked at securing the network and securing access to cloud infrastructure. In part 3 we look at how to ensure your data storage is robust, secure and kept private in IaaS clouds. Keeping data private and secure is a key concern of many looking to move to a public cloud. Its important […]