CentOS 6.0 Cloud Servers with full root access and Free Trial

CentOS 6.0 Cloud Servers available from CloudSigma

Zürich, Tuesday 12 July 2011 CloudSigma AG, a leading provider of instantly scalable cloud servers is delighted to announce the addition of new CentOS 6 servers to its leading European cloud offering. The new CentOS 6.0 server image can be instantly deployed to any account with full root access.

Patrick Baillie, CEO commented ‘Our completely open software layer uniquely allows users to install any operating system they like and run whichever applications they desire. We ensure that major new releases like CentOS 6.0 are available to our customers immediately after launch for easy deployment. CentOS is a very popular distribution for our cloud servers so we are very happy to be the first cloud to be able to offer version 6.0. Our 7 day free trial is an ideal opportunity for new customers to discover what the latest CentOS release has to offer.’

CentOS 6 Servers with full root control

Every new CentOS server can be added immediately to an account by the user at the click of a button or via API call without any provisioning delay. Full root access and control is granted to the customer allowing them to fully customise the server after initial deployment and control kernel upgrades and patches in the future. Our private and public networking interfaces allow customers to create private CentOS or mixed operating system server clusters within our cloud behind their own firewall/gateway server.

Will full software level control of cloud servers in the CloudSigma cloud, protecting direct server access is 100% managed by the user. This allows users to implement their own security policies on their servers with regards to operating system, application access and networking firewalls. Other cloud computing platforms just aren’t able to provide the level of control that CloudSigma’s offering achieves.

Patrick Baillie continued ‘We offer a pure Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering and don’t place restrictions on customers’ software and networking. It is a fundamentally different approach to other clouds which do intrude into these layers, placing restrictions on customer computing. Our approach means we can offer customers new distributions like CentOS 6 as soon as they come out and give them full customisation control’.

Open Networking

CloudSigma’s open networking policy allows customers to run any services over any port they wish. This means customers can deploy a CentOS 6 cloud server and access it via VNC, securely over SSH or any other access method.

Patrick Baillie concluded ‘Our platform delivers a level of control control equivalent to dedicated hardware but combines this with powerful management tools and the flexibility and scalability of the cloud. CentOS 6 is an ideal software platform to experience our powerful cloud servers first-hand.’

For More Information

CentOS website: http://www.centos.org/

CloudSigma Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/CloudSigma

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About CloudSigma AG

CloudSigma AG, based in Zürich, Switzerland, provides a pure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform offering highly secure, flexible cloud servers and storage. The innovative web console and API are designed to make cloud computing and cloud hosting straightforward. High availability, redundant infrastructure is backed by a generous Service Level Agreement that covers not only availability but also performance.

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