New cloud location, drive snapshots, meta data support and more

We’re now live in Washington DC

Since we launched our Las Vegas cloud location in September, 2011, we’ve seen a steady growth of North American customers. As many of these customers are shifting more and more of their compute resources over to our cloud, a common request has been the ability to have compute resources on both coasts to minimise latency to customers. We are therefore happy to announce the availability of our latest data center in Washington, DC.

We will continue our strategy of adding new locations allowing customers to run sophisticated cross-cloud deployments, as well as serving content closer to their users.

Introducing live drive snapshots

We’re also happy to announce a number of new features behind the scenes. The most significant change is the introduction of drive snapshots. This feature enables you to create point-in-time snapshots of your drives, which can later be cloned to create stand-alone drives. The pricing is very simple, you only pay for the delta (i.e. the difference between the snapshot and the source drive). Using snapshots is an ideal way to protect data from corruption or for auditing purposes.


Taking meta data to the next level

Another new feature is an extension to the meta data functionality (that we covered before). This new extension allows you to set global meta data. There are a number of use cases for this, such as software license keys and global SSH-keys. To set this data, simply navigate to your profile on the WebApp and select ‘Global Meta’. As always, you can set your global meta data via the API directly also.


We’ve also now exposed the server-level meta data to the WebApp. This enables you to easily add new meta data to specific servers or drives without having to go via the API directly.

Meta data

Improved billing and Github as SSO

On the billing side, we’ve now made both static IPs and Windows Data Center licenses “burstable”. This means that if you have a server instance running with a static IP or software license, you can now keep running this after your subscription expires or even without purchasing a subscription at all (in the case of the Windows Data Center license). This will help avoid billing related outages to customer computing as well as enabling the use of Windows servers in an environment that scales up and down dynamically.

In our quest to make CloudSigma the most developer-friendly IaaS platform, we’ve now introduced Github as a Single-Sign-On (SSO) provider. Since most modern developers today already have a Github account, this will further simplify accessing CloudSigma infrastructure online.

Finally, if you didn’t read Robert’s (our CEO) article “Cloud: The Next Industrial Revolution” on AllthingsD, it’s definitely worth a read.

Full technical details of our latest cloud release can be found here.

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