2013 Recap: CloudSigma 2.0, Gartner Cool Vendor and More!

It seems like just yesterday I was reflecting on 2012 and our involvement with Helix Nebula, the launch of our Media Services Ecosystem, various

CloudSigma Shortlisted for the 2013-14 Cloud Awards Program

CloudSigma’s Advanced Hybrid Cloud Offering Recognized for its Industry-First Private Patching and Secure Data Access Zurich, Switzerland – December 23, 2013 – CloudSigma, a public cloud IaaS provider with advanced hybrid hosting solutions, has been shortlisted in the 2013-2014 Cloud Awards Program, marking the third consecutive year that the company has been acknowledged for its […]

CloudSigma announced as a Cloud Trailblazer Finalist in the Tech Trailblazing Awards

The global start-up initiative for enterprise information technology Tech Trailblazers Awards, yesterday announced the opening of voting for shortlisted Tech Trailblazing finalists. The first annual awards program seek to recognize true innovators in the following enterprise technology areas: Big Data, Cloud, Information Security, Mobile, Networking, Storage, Sustainable IT, Virtualization and Emerging Markets for the technology […]

The Cloud and the Industrial Revolution: Commoditization and Innovation

Recently, I was featured in AllThingsD, discussing the opportunities and innovations still to come from cloud computing, likening the state of the cloud industry to the Industrial Revolution. Similar to how the Industrial Revolution completely changed the entire world’s economy, so, too, will the cloud. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, manufacturing and the production of […]

Web Evolution: from CGI to Websockets (and how it will help you better monitor your cloud infrastructure)

In the past few years, websockets have become more or less a standard component in all modern web applications, but why is that and how did we get here? More importantly, how can websockets help you monitor your cloud infrastructure more effectively? Due to the technical nature of this topic, it is possible to dive […]

Is Primecoin the next big thing after Bitcoin?

Unless you’ve fully managed to shield yourself from the news in the past year, chances are Bitcoin has popped up on your radar at least once. As Bitcoin is becoming more and more accepted, it is likely to pave the way for other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is hardly the only one. There are numerous other currencies […]