We’re at NAB! Easing Security Fears for Media Collaboration

No one understands the phrase ‘time is money’ more than the media industry. If a production isn’t finished on schedule because of editing delays, it can result in a hemorrhage of finances. Collaborating on a project under this kind of pressure used to be extremely stressful, because, before the cloud, it often required media companies to physically fly disks around the globe between project collaborators.

To streamline this process, many media companies have turned to our Media Services Ecosystem.This public cloud-based community of media industry service providers, production and broadcast companies not only allows members to leverage high-performance compute, storage and data transfer capabilities, but also collaborate faster and more efficiently “under one roof,” bringing the next hit thing to market in record time.

Despite the resolved collaboration issues in the cloud, media service providers are also reluctant to modernize to cloud-based environments for fear that their data could be hacked and leaked before the big debut. With CloudSigma’s private patching technology, however, we’ve been able to ease security and data protection concerns for our media customers, allowing them to connect their infrastructure to our public cloud via a private IP-only line so data doesn’t have to traverse the Internet. This better protects data from potential cyber-attacks, data leakage and malicious hacking, thereby creating a highly secure compute environment for collaboration on media projects.

For project elements that are unable to operate in the cloud, they can still work seamlessly with the cloud-based Media Services Ecosystem without having to worry about disparate apps or operating systems not being compatible. Whatever infrastructure customers run on premise will run in CloudSigma’s cloud, presenting one unified environment. Unlike other public cloud vendors with restricted deployment options, which can create disjointed environments, CloudSigma’s open network and software layers improve data portability by mirroring any on-premise infrastructure, creating a secure, easy-to-use hybrid environment for collaborative projects. Additionally CloudSigma’s wide infrastructure options open new doors to infrastructure design that might not be available in-house, for example CloudSigma offers tiered storage with pre-SSD drives up to 8TB and scale-out magnetic drives up to 130TB each, all mountable to the same virtual machine.

We’ll be exhibiting at NAB, April 7 – 10, at booth N9223. Come check out how our private patching technology can aid media collaboration processes!

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