An introduction to failover in the cloud

One of the hardest, but most important things to do when building your cloud architecture, is to eliminate Single Point of Failures (SPoF). What this means is that every mission critical service should be able to survive an outage of any given server. Some companies, like Netflix, have taken this to an extreme and created […] is now fully protected by SSL

At CloudSigma, we take security very serious. Since the very beginning, all our web app (the cloud control panel) and our API has been configured to accept SSL connections only. We’re now happy to announce that we’ve also moved our regular marketing site (i.e. this) to only run SSL as well. For those not familiar […]

Workshare Chooses CloudSigma to Enhance Product Development Process

CloudSigma’s Flexible Pricing, Green Hosting Initiatives and High-Availability Proves Ideal for Workshare’s Application Testing and Development Palo Alto, Calif. – May 15, 2014 – CloudSigma, a public cloud IaaS provider with advanced hybrid hosting solutions, today announced that Workshare, a provider of secure enterprise collaboration applications, has chosen CloudSigma’s platform to host its application testing […]

An update to CloudSigma’s Ansible module

Recently, we announced an Ansible module for CloudSigma (or rather, a Dynamic Inventory backend). I’ve personally started to use Ansible more and more for performing simple tasks. It did however become somewhat cumbersome to use when you have a larger pool of servers. While still not available in the web app, we have supported Tags […]

European providers to support a new cloud computing Marketplace for Science, building on the Helix Nebula Initiative

7 May 2014 European cloud providers to support a new federated European Cloud Marketplace Integration with existing e-Infrastructures e.g. EGI and GÉANT, to form a hybrid cloud Computing Marketplace and reach out to Europe’s research communities Trusted cloud services through compliance with EU regulations and legislation European Cloud service providers, Atos through Canopy its Cloud […]