Our Free Cloud Resources Tier

This week we rolled out a free resource tier across all our clouds as well as a major update to pricing levels. As part of that we’ve simplified some of the aspects of our pricing and we’ve also re-synched the exchange rates we used between currencies which had not been updated in almost two years.

The great news is that wherever you are using us and in whichever currency you choose, you are going to be seeing significantly improved value going forward in terms of our pricing levels.

What’s this new Free Resource Tier then?

We’ve had a long standing commitment to encouraging and supporting startups and we wanted to also be able to more generally support smaller customers who like our approach to cloud and want to get started. That’s how we came up with the concept of bundling a package of free resources for every paying CloudSigma customer.

The free tier is already live across our cloud locations* so if you are an existing customer you will see those extra free resources added into your account. If you aren’t a customer yet, there’s never been a better time to try. Our seven day free trial gives you a full working account and 24/7 support and no credit card is required. Try it today.

The Details

Every paying CloudSigma account automatically qualifies for the following free tier of resources:

  • 1GB of RAM
  • 50 GB of fast SSD storage
  • 5 TB of outbound data transfer (incoming is free and unlimited)

These resources continue perpetually as long as the cloud account spend is above $10 per month (which is the equivalent of a small server with us). The result is you can create very cost efficient servers in CloudSigma and as you grow that free tier still has a positive impact, especially with 5TB of outbound data transfer per month to play with.

Here are the steps to take:
1. Open a guest account in one of these locations by clicking one of these cloud links: Zurich, Washington DC or San Jose
2. Either convert to a seven day trial account if you want to do more testing or move straight to a paid account by adding funds (minimum payment is just $20)
3. Your free tier of resources will be added to your account automatically as soon as you upgrade it by adding funds

Try a new account today.

Happy computing!


* Some of our cloud locations are run in partnership with local data center providers, free tier and other price adjustments at these locations may vary from the mainstream CloudSigma locations. Free tier resources are clearly marked in the webapp for all qualifying locations.

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