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Robert is the CEO of CloudSigma. Under Robert’s direction, CloudSigma has established an unprecedented open, customer-centric approach to the public cloud.

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Our Free Cloud Resources Tier

This week we rolled out a free resource tier across all our clouds as well as a major update to pricing levels. As part of that we’ve simplified some of the aspects of our pricing and we’ve also re-synched the exchange rates we used between currencies which had not been updated in almost two years. […]

Some gems and useful links from 2014

Sometimes running computing infrastructure can feel a little like that lizard running on water and all too often a callback to 2010 and the Liquid Mountaineering team! That’s why we’ve continued our strategy of giving customers a virtual data center to manage their cloud infrastructure easily. Giving you full control and flexibility over your computing […]

CloudSigma and CloudLeap Partner to Provide Live Cloud Migrations and Improved Disaster Recovery

Timely Partnership, due to Rackspace’s Move Away from IaaS, Gives Customers Seamless Migration Capabilities alongside High Availability Options for an Always-On Infrastructure Zurich, Switzerland & Mumbai, India – September 9, 2014 – CloudSigma, a public cloud IaaS provider with advanced hybrid hosting solutions, and CloudLeap, a cloud migration and high availability SaaS company, today announced […]

New Mobile App Takes on the Health & Wellness Market with CloudSigma’s Support

One of the things I love most about my job is the sheer variety of customers that we have. It gives me the opportunity to speak with business owners and managers from all walks of life and sectors of the economy. From processing satellite data for the European Space Agency, to running simulated trading environments […]

ExpressRoute – Worth the Cost?

Recently, Microsoft announced ExpressRoute, which, similar to our private patching, creates a private layer 2 connection between the cloud and on premise infrastructure for more streamlined data access, end-to-end private IP and greater portability, as well as a more consistent networking experience. But, for ExpressRoute customers, it comes with a hefty price tag, leaving one […]

Web surfing? After Heartbleed make sure you update your SSL certificate setting in your browsers

With the recent Heartbleed security vulnerability affecting a significant part of the world’s secured internet traffic, most companies have been taking the precaution of renewing their SSL certificates as it is possible to compromise the keys for these certificates using the Heartbleed vulnerability. Unfortunately, many browsers won’t automatically check for revoked certificates (including the most […]

CloudSigma Fuels Space Apps Challenge for the Second Year in a Row

Great innovators always strive to uncover the unknown, whether it’s a startup founder looking to shake up an existing industry with a new technology, or a scientist looking to explore outer space, they’re determined to keep asking “what’s next?” And, it’s with similar ambition that technologists, scientists, designers, artists, educators, entrepreneurs, developers and students worldwide […]

We’re at NAB! Easing Security Fears for Media Collaboration

No one understands the phrase ‘time is money’ more than the media industry. If a production isn’t finished on schedule because of editing delays, it can result in a hemorrhage of finances. Collaborating on a project under this kind of pressure used to be extremely stressful, because, before the cloud, it often required media companies […]

Cloud Giant IBM Grows Larger with Inflexible Solutions for the Enterprise

IBM announced in January that they have invested $1.2 billion to launch 15 new data centers across the U.S., China, Hong Kong, India, Canada and the U.K. to increase their global public cloud services, as an alternative to Amazon. But,is this really what the industry and enterprises need? IBM has had cloud offerings across Europe, […]

CloudSigma a 3x Finalist

As a customer-centric public cloud provider, we have not only designed our platform to meet the demands of even the most complex and varied workloads, but have also made it a point to listen to our customers’ biggest pain points and adapt our cloud infrastructure accordingly. It’s with this in mind that we introduced our […]