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Robert is the CEO of CloudSigma. Under Robert’s direction, CloudSigma has established an unprecedented open, customer-centric approach to the public cloud.

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2013 Recap: CloudSigma 2.0, Gartner Cool Vendor and More!

It seems like just yesterday I was reflecting on 2012 and our involvement with Helix Nebula, the launch of our Media Services Ecosystem, various

The Cloud and the Industrial Revolution: Commoditization and Innovation

Recently, I was featured in AllThingsD, discussing the opportunities and innovations still to come from cloud computing, likening the state of the cloud industry to the Industrial Revolution. Similar to how the Industrial Revolution completely changed the entire world’s economy, so, too, will the cloud. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, manufacturing and the production of […]

Conference Season is Here! CloudSigma is On the Road At Cloud Computing Events

If we’re not advising customers on how to efficiently leverage CloudSigma compute power for their workloads, or on an airplane traveling between data center locations, you can often find our executive team on stage and on the expo floor of some of the industry’s biggest trade shows. Following the quieter summer months, our COO, Bernino […]

The World Runs on Computing Power: let’s make it more efficient

The world’s economy has long been fueled by trade among regions. Whether it’s iron, automobiles, or oil, it’s this act of exchange that keeps supply and demand balanced, and economies thriving. In this way, products can be purchased from neighboring countries they normally wouldn’t have access to, short of travelling around the globe. With this […]

Steamrolling Cloud Adoption Obstacles with CloudSigma 2.0

When CloudSigma was founded as a pure-cloud IaaS provider in 2009, much of its value proposition centered around dispelling common gripes companies had with the existing public cloud platforms. This included everything from restrictions placed on application and operating system deployments to inefficient pricing packages and bundled resources. Now, four years later, we’re continuing to […]

Your privacy is really important to us; this is how we protect you, the customer

With all the revelations coming out of the surveillance programs implemented by the US government and widely used by their government and notable others (the UK but perhaps more?), it has brought to the fore the question where is my data and whose is looking after it? Or potentially who is looking at it?! I […]

The IT professionals road map for navigating the cloud revolution

According to Gartner, total IT spending for public Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) will total $72bn between 2012 and 2016 with a CAGR of 42%. Given the current market size this means companies will be moving the majority of that $72bn INTO public cloud services in the coming years. Although the market for server capacity is clearly growing […]

Europe’s giant science cloud: give people data and good things happen

Big Science in Europe has been busy and here at CloudSigma we’ve been heavily involved in helping to build a federated cloud platform that can address the needs of Big Science. It is something I’m personally very excited about as it holds then potential to unleash large-scale computing for some of the world’s thorniest problems […]

Overcoming Resource Over Commit and Bundling Issues in the Cloud

In a recent LinkedIn posting on the IaaS Infrastructure as a Service forum, a conversation developed around the issue of cloud providers using the ability to over commit resources to drive down their prices. Essentially, this means that while a provider may have the resources (CPU, RAM, storage, etc.) to support a specific volume of […]

Web VNC App launches in the Chrome Webstore

Web VNC App launches in the Chrome Webstore Zürich, Wednesday 8 December 2010 CloudSigma AG, a leading European provider of cloud servers, is pleased to announce the launch of the Web VNC application featured in Google’s newly launched Chrome Webstore. By offering a full VNC session from within the browser, the Web VNC app removes […]