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Bernino Lind is the COO of CloudSigma. Previously a founder and CEO of several companies including Aresa, which went IPO in 2006 (EUR20 million). Lean and Agile Scrum practitioner. World Economic Forum tech-pioneer. Bernino take a pivotal role in executing on CloudSigma's global geographic expansion as well as maintaining operational excellence and efficiency within CloudSigma.

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Agile? You mean you don’t have a vision?

In my last blog post I explained how we run Agile at CloudSigma by using customer feedback as a check on our theories about new product features. Many investors and entrepreneurs criticize this approach by saying that you can’t have a vision if you are only listening and reacting to customer’s demand. Henry Ford said […]

Failure: when things do GO as planned

Cross-post from Failcon’s blog. Letting go of fear to empower continued improvement and how we pulled off 300% revenue growth year over year in CloudSigma. “NO! We cannot go back to the shareholders and tell them that online music needs to be given for free and therefore the cost of licensing is killing the business. […]