Security in a Public IaaS Cloud Part 1: Networking

Security is arguably one of the most discussed issues surrounding the use of cloud computing in general and it isn’t a subject I can see losing its importance or interest any time soon. As a company we often get asked about our opinions on security so I thought it would be worth outlining some thoughts […]

Benchmarking cloud servers: A Cloud Computing Insider’s Guide

Many new customers when they start using CloudSigma want to test the performance; they are often looking to compare performance results between clouds and their own infrastructure and that makes sense. A straight price comparison by resource doesn’t tell anything like the whole story; what really matters is the end result, how much does it […]

One API to Rule Them All

Ever since I joined CloudSigma there has been lively discussion of creating standards for cloud computing and within the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) sector. There does seem to be precious little discussion regarding what a standard is actually meant to achieve, whether a standard is really desirable (read more below) or whether it is the the best […]

IaaS: The S stands for Service not Software!

I call CloudSigma a pure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) company but what exactly do I mean by that? Well, I feel our platform is much closer to the true understanding of what IaaS should actually offer its customers in relation to control, flexibility and the direct relationship between usage and cost. I’m aiming to set out in […]

The Case for Charging for IP Addresses

There are three key facts in my mind when it comes to the problem with IP addresses: Fact 1: The world is running out of IP addresses; well the kind that we all use today anyway (version 4). Usage is accelerating and outstripping all previous estimates. We will run out in 2012 at the latest. […]

Carbon Offsetting

CloudSigma is a fully carbon neutral company having chosen to work with MyClimate to assess then offset the total greenhouse gas emissions as a result of the company’s operations. This includes not only the purchase of hardware and electricity to run this hardware but also employee journeys, business travel, office space, office consumables (such as […]

Welcome to our Blog

CloudSigma is a new Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider based in Zurich, Switzerland. I co-founded the company because I wasn’t happy with the offerings in this space. Fundamentally I see being an IaaS provider as that of a utility company. It isn’t our job as a provider of infrastructure to interfere with how our customers set up […]