Some gems and useful links from 2014

Sometimes running computing infrastructure can feel a little like that lizard running on water and all too often a callback to 2010 and the Liquid Mountaineering team! That’s why we’ve continued our strategy of giving customers a virtual data center to manage their cloud infrastructure easily. Giving you full control and flexibility over your computing […]

How to securely use BitTorrent Sync for backups

A while back I wrote a guest post on BitTorrent’s blog about how to use BitTorrent Sync as an alternative to cloud storage services, such as Dropbox and Box. This post is an expansion of that post that provides more clear step-by-step instructions on how to securely deploy BitTorrent Sync. Security notes Since the focus […]

How Does CloudSigma Manage to Deliver a Super Fast Network Connectivity?

Stable and fast network connectivity is critical to cloud computing. Aspects, such as high-availability, throughput and redundancy are core to its functionality. Still, there are many more additional measures needed to deliver a reliable but secure service. In this post, as a key member of our networking team I’m going to outline four key steps […]

CloudSigma teams up with Sheffield Hallam University

One of the main challenges that the cloud industry is facing today is the lack of education around how the public cloud works and what the best practices are. After the successful ESA Space Apps Challenge we attended earlier this year, we had the honor to be invited as a sponsor of a new module […]

CloudSigma powered ClojureCup 2014

Everyone at CloudSigma knows that no new product just emerges out of nowhere. CloudSigma is still lead by it’s founders today and focused around product innovation. As such, we have always shared our customers’ passion for creating and testing new technologies, tools and working on solutions that meet pressing problems. No new service has reached […]

An introduction to server provisioning with CloudInit

This month we announced a very exciting partnership with Canonical, the makers of Ubuntu. One key element in this partnership is the introduction of full CloudInit support between the CloudSigma cloud and Ubuntu. An introduction to CloudInit If you’re not familiar with CloudInit, it is the industry standard for bootstrapping cloud servers. Using a simple […]

CloudSigma partners with Canonical to become an Ubuntu CPC

We’re excited to announce that as of today, CloudSigma is an Ubuntu Certified Cloud Provider. This partnership means that we will be working closely with Canonical (the makers of Ubuntu), ensuring that Ubuntu runs flawlessly on our cloud. This also means that we will be part of Ubuntu’s ecosystem, which includes exciting projects such as […]

Successful end to the first year of CloudSME

Introduction Small-to-medium sized manufacturing and engineering enterprises considering product development or process optimisation simulation find it prohibitively expensive to access such products and services, often requiring a considerable commitment of time alongside a high financial barrier to entry. The use of simulation requires expertise, infrastructure procurement and ongoing maintenance costs, not to mention software licensing […]

PSA: Patch your servers against CVE-2014-6271

Today a vulnerability was discovered in Bash, the shell used on most Linux distributions. We strongly recommend that you patch your servers as soon as possible against this. Debian / Ubuntu CentOS / RedHat Enterprise Linux / Fedora Make sure to compare the updated package with the list of patched versions here. For more information, […]

New Mobile App Takes on the Health & Wellness Market with CloudSigma’s Support

One of the things I love most about my job is the sheer variety of customers that we have. It gives me the opportunity to speak with business owners and managers from all walks of life and sectors of the economy. From processing satellite data for the European Space Agency, to running simulated trading environments […]