How to run Docker on CloudSigma (with CloudInit)

Pre-requisites: An SSH key. Basic understanding of Docker. The official documentation is a great start. In the recent year or so, Docker has received a tremendous amount of attention. It appears to be one of those things where the timing was just perfect. While the concept of containers is hardly anything new (which I talked […]

Securing your data in the cloud with encryption

One common concern that many people have against putting their data in the cloud is that it isn’t as secure as storing it on premise. While there is some truth to this argument, depending on your legal jurisdiction, it may or may not be true. Yet, if you are running an unpatched server that is […]

ExpressRoute – Worth the Cost?

Recently, Microsoft announced ExpressRoute, which, similar to our private patching, creates a private layer 2 connection between the cloud and on premise infrastructure for more streamlined data access, end-to-end private IP and greater portability, as well as a more consistent networking experience. But, for ExpressRoute customers, it comes with a hefty price tag, leaving one […]

Five tools you need for your cloud deployment

You have finally managed to get up and running with your application. It runs great. You’re happy and you’re customers are happy. One morning you wake up with an inbox full of angry customer emails and your Twitter feed full of complaints. While you were sleeping, something broke. You just didn’t know about it until […]

An introduction to failover in the cloud

One of the hardest, but most important things to do when building your cloud architecture, is to eliminate Single Point of Failures (SPoF). What this means is that every mission critical service should be able to survive an outage of any given server. Some companies, like Netflix, have taken this to an extreme and created […] is now fully protected by SSL

At CloudSigma, we take security very serious. Since the very beginning, all our web app (the cloud control panel) and our API has been configured to accept SSL connections only. We’re now happy to announce that we’ve also moved our regular marketing site (i.e. this) to only run SSL as well. For those not familiar […]

An update to CloudSigma’s Ansible module

Recently, we announced an Ansible module for CloudSigma (or rather, a Dynamic Inventory backend). I’ve personally started to use Ansible more and more for performing simple tasks. It did however become somewhat cumbersome to use when you have a larger pool of servers. While still not available in the web app, we have supported Tags […]

Web surfing? After Heartbleed make sure you update your SSL certificate setting in your browsers

With the recent Heartbleed security vulnerability affecting a significant part of the world’s secured internet traffic, most companies have been taking the precaution of renewing their SSL certificates as it is possible to compromise the keys for these certificates using the Heartbleed vulnerability. Unfortunately, many browsers won’t automatically check for revoked certificates (including the most […]

CloudSigma Fuels Space Apps Challenge for the Second Year in a Row

Great innovators always strive to uncover the unknown, whether it’s a startup founder looking to shake up an existing industry with a new technology, or a scientist looking to explore outer space, they’re determined to keep asking “what’s next?” And, it’s with similar ambition that technologists, scientists, designers, artists, educators, entrepreneurs, developers and students worldwide […]

Join us at PyCon!

PyCon 2014, the biggest Python event of the year, is taking place this weekend in Montréal, Canada. Since CloudSigma is a Python shop, we’re extra excited to both support the event as a sponsor, as well as attending the exciting talks. If you’re attending PyCon, make sure to stop by our booth (219) to say […]