An introduction to server provisioning with CloudInit

This month we announced a very exciting partnership with Canonical, the makers of Ubuntu. One key element in this partnership is the introduction of full CloudInit support between the CloudSigma cloud and Ubuntu. An introduction to CloudInit If you’re not familiar with CloudInit, it is the industry standard for bootstrapping cloud servers. Using a simple […]

An update to CloudSigma’s Ansible module

Recently, we announced an Ansible module for CloudSigma (or rather, a Dynamic Inventory backend). I’ve personally started to use Ansible more and more for performing simple tasks. It did however become somewhat cumbersome to use when you have a larger pool of servers. While still not available in the web app, we have supported Tags […]

Using Ansible with CloudSigma

In a recent article I wrote about how you can use Salt to manage your CloudSigma infrastructure. Another tool mentioned in that article was Ansible, which is in many ways similar to Salt. Since we’re all about choice here at CloudSigma, I thought it was only fair to also provide Ansible-users (or aspiring Ansible-users) with […]