Viktor Petersson for CloudSigma in his talk with Syncsort

Last week Syncsort shared in their blog an interview with our Head of Business Development Viktor Petersson, taken from Mark Underwood who covers big data and cybersecurity. One of the topics that popped up was about the partnership of CloudSigma with BlackLotus, which allows us to offer more tailored DDoS protection service to customers. The […]

Bernino Lind Talks The Terminator, Unbundled Resources and Data Centers on “This Week in Startups”

Recently, our COO, Bernino Lind, sat down with ‘This Week in Startups’ host Jason Calacanis. CloudSigma and the broadcast show know each other well, as we are proud to call the company a customer, enabling the scalability needed to handle the hundreds of thousands of people that download episodes every month. Throughout the 13 minute […]